Industrial Services

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We have a successful record helping industrial companies become safer and communicate more effectively.  We've helped companies like yours avoid workplace injuries and accidents with cost-effective, high-quality safety and instructional videos.  We've also worked with companies to tell their story to employees and visitors, giving them a better understanding of what you do and why it's important.

AdSortium Media is unlike other production companies because we understand the unique requirements of the industrial workplace.  We've designed our services to meet those needs in a worry-free and efficient manner.

  • We're cost effective.  We've developed high-efficiency production procedures that minimize production time and workplace disruption.  In fact, the staff of Adsortium Media has never had or caused a workplace injury or filed a Workman's Comp claim.  We even provide our own personal protective equipment and we can work independently or with your in-house video department.

  • We're consistent.  We have a 25-year track record of success with clients such as Alcoa, DOW Chemicals, DuPont, Union Carbide, Invista, and many others.  And even though some of their names have changed through the years, our staff has remained their provider for video communications.

  • We're high quality.  Our presentations are clear and easy to understand, well-lit, well-written, and professionally edited.  The videos we produce illustrate your procedures and important points while maintaining the viewer's interest.  And, they can tell a company's story in a compelling and colorful way.

  • We're TWIC Credentialed.  If your facility includes an international port that is covered by the Maritime Transportation Security Act, we've already undergone the TSA security threat assessment and hold a current TWIC card.


Our most common industrial plant services are:
 - New employee orientation and training
 - Visitor Orientation
 - Contractor Orientation / Training
 - Safety checklists / Forms
 - Procedural/Process training videos/materials
 - Evacuation maps
 - Workplace safety posters / handouts
 - Newsletters
 - Corporate communication (message from the plant manager)

Typical plant program subjects include:
 - Permitting Procedures
 - Lock-out / Tag-out
 - PPE Usage
 - Confined Space Entry
 - Electrical Isolation
 - Pump Maintenance
 - Working with Hazardous Materials
 - HazMat Response
 - Understanding an MSDS
 - Understanding NFPA Symbols
 - Cranes & Lifts
 - Elevated Workspaces
 - Excavation
 - Alarms
 - Shelter-in-Place
 - Retirement Offers
 - Benefit Plans
 - Public Awareness & Education
 - Expense Report Policy

Want to know more?  We'd be glad to show you some samples of our industrial work and answer any questions you have.  Just give us a call to schedule an in-person meeting!

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