Education Services

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Public school districts, private schools, and institutions of higher learning have all benefitted from our experience behind a camera.

The challenges faced by educational institutions and the solutions to those challenges are frequently quite different from other service sectors.  Successful videos require making an emotional connection between the viewer and the school.  Budgets are almost always tight and creative methods for balancing production value against project cost is a necessity.

We’ve helped build successful fundraising programs, enrollment ads, and new student recruiting videos for K-12, community college, and 4-year university clients.  Your campus could be next!  There's many different opportunities for incorporating our services into your marketing stragety.

Our most common education programs are:
 - New student recruiting
 - TV Commercials
 - Fundraising
 - Social Media / Web videos
 - Community updates

Sample subjects include:
 - Enrollment
 - Student services
 - Career Pathways
 - Facility expansion funding
 - Superintendent welcome message
 - Sporting event coverage
 - Annual Report video

Check out some samples of our education work located on our Portfolio page.  We’d love to schedule an in-person meeting to discuss how AdSortium Media can serve you!


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