Consulting Services

There are times where having access to third-party experience can be immensely helpful. AdSortium Media offers our clients decades of real-world, hands-on information on a variety of industry related subjects.

A/V System Design & Installation

One of the benefits - and challenges - of working across the country in a variety of locations is getting to see and experience what A/V system equipment and designs work and what doesn’t. AdSortum Media understands that A/V systems designed and built according to their component specs, while technically correct on paper, don’t always provide the reliability, intuitive operation, and future upgradeability that the end-user desires. We offer the unique perspective provided by first-hand experience to design and build a system custom to your needs. We’re happy to build around your existing system equipment or discuss a complete overhaul. And because we’re not tied to any specific manufacturer, we focus on providing the desired outcome rather than staying within a particular product line.

Church TV Switcher Install  Church TV Camera Testing  Church TV Equipment Diagram  Council Audio Upgrade  Council Audio Rack 

Equipment Selection & Training

There are times where assistance in selecting equipment for purchase as well as training in the use and operation of existing or new equipment is needed. AdSortium Media offers consultation and training specifically for video and audio equipment. We excel in taking a spec sheet or user manual and translating it into everyday English. This empowers you to make better informed decisions about equipment purchases and be more confident in operating the gear as well as troubleshooting it when the need arises.

Student Training  Analog Audio Board  Blackmagic 2ME Panel  DSLR Menu Review 

Event / Show - Technical Direction & Management

There’s nothing quite like a live show or event. AdSortium Media has significant, nation-wide experience planning, managing, and directing live broadcasts, award shows, corporate events, convention keynote sessions, and music concerts. We work with the venue, crew, and your staff to keep the show professional and running on-time.

Directing TEDx Event  EMMY Cue Sheet  National Conference AV  EMMY TD Screen  Woodhouse Reunion 

Expert information and assistance through AdSortium Media is available to you!  Let us know how we can help.