Business Services

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There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for business communication.  Every business is different - even businesses that sell or offer the same things.  The challenge is identifying whatever differentiates that business from the competition and then highlighting it in brand-consistent messaging.  The last thing you want is to commoditize your business.  Instead, build brand awareness and loyalty.  Own your niche and create the perception that only you have the solution to your customer’s challenges.

Banks, retail outlets, restaurants, furniture stores, and even newspapers are all included on our list of past customers.  For over twenty years, we’ve helped local, regional, and national clients increase sales, improve customer retention, and even reduce customer support requests.

Our most common business projects are:
 - TV Commercials
 - Marketing / Informational videos
 - Customer education / Training videos
 - Social Media / Web videos
 - Fundraising videos
 - Business Wiki videos

Sample subjects include:
 - New product / service announcement
 - Product demonstration
 - Sale / Promotion advertisement
 - Community event information
 - Tech support / How-to
 - Customer spotlight
 - Testimonials

We invite you to check out the video and photo samples of our work located under our Portfolio section of the website.  We’d love to schedule an in-person meeting to discuss how AdSortium Media can serve you!


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